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Business Cheat Guide: How to Win Over Investors’ Hearts

In the past decade, looking for a seed fund can be quite easy. As globalization occurs, many foreign investors are going back and forth to support the companies they think are worth their money. One of them is East Ventures. As East Ventures has established their new “branch” venture with a popular Japan internet provider, getting US$5 billion each year for each startup company on the early stage is not that hard. By the end quarter of 2018, East Ventures and its partners has invested in over 20 companies, specifically in Indonesia.

They are willing to make a long-term deal worth of 10 years, in which it consists of first 5 year to invest while the last 5 year to evaluate on the investment return and adjust to the conditions of the markets.

However, being the expert in this industry, East Ventures will not just select any company randomly. East Ventures is seeking after the companies which fit their own criteria and standards. Getting the amount of money is surely thrilling, but what is more challenging is to drive the investors to stay loyal and royal to your companies. What is good about East Ventures is that they do not really care about your affiliates, such as who is your father and whether or not the business has run for a long time.

What you need to consider is to get East Ventures attention is, first and foremost, your expertise in your own field. How capable and well-informed are you for the business that will be sponsored by East Ventures? Many entrepreneurs have the tendency to think that the concept you bring is very good. However, you need to also consider about how distinctive it is compared to others? Does your company have a chance to break bigger markets with the help of East Ventures?

Aside from the unique idea, East Ventures will most likely choose a business that has been planned carefully inside out. When you are about to meet the investors, especially from East Ventures, make sure you have mastered the materials you are going to present and convince them as much as you can. Be well prepared, so when you are given many questions, you will be able to answer them smoothly. Even though East Ventures often funds or even acquires portfolio companies, do not forget to present the transparency of your company’s financial reports as well as value propositions. If all of them look convincing, for sure East Ventures will sign up to be your sponsors!